Direct student services focus on curriculum interventions that strengthen college preparedness and increase the number of Hoover student admissions to SDSU and other 2-year and 4- year universities.



Teacher Professional Development in English
Language Arts and Math


Services Supporting Teachers:

  • Specialized and innovative approaches to ongoing Professional Development: with in class support and pull outs
  • Model to promote a Rhetorical Approach to Reading and Writing in middle school and high school
  • School site visits by SDSU faculty , graduate students and support staff during the academic year
  • SDSU Student Teacher block City Heights /Linked Learning Cohort
  • Coordination with SDUSD Instructional leaders and SDUSD Area Superintendent

Services Supporting Students

  • After school academic tutoring in English and Math at Hoover
  • Saturday workshops and extended learning for grades 6-12
  • Middle school Algebra Intervention
  • Comprehensive Mentoring 


We collaborate with partners and agencies that provide health and human services for all of our students and families. 
Social Work Centers at each school follow a community school-based model. These centers partner with the Schools of Social Work at SDSU, USC, and Point Loma Nazarene to supervise interns at schools to expand services provided.